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rhonda Dean
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Default Re: Carnival's *pre-paid* gratuities

Before this subject came up, I was thinking of getting some nice greeting cards for each person that gets tipped, plus few more that are not on the standard tipping list. This will be my fourth cruise, and I always felt that the service has always been over the top. I plan on writing them a nice note about their service to my family (that is if the shoe fits) and give them a little extra in their note card. I am in the service industry, and sometimes I will get a nice card about how someone loves their hair cut or color, and it sure makes your day. Maybe the cruise help got stiffed on the last bunch of people that gambled too much, and they were not their cheery selves while taking care of the next group. I love the prepaid gratuity! sure makes it easy to pay, and in the end, if they are bad, just march downstairs, and take it off of the person that didn't deserve it. having the cash, and exact change etc.. at the end is kind of a pain. Our first cruise, we needed cash for the envelopes, and my dh and I had to scramble to get the right amount of cash together. Much rather tac it on to our bill. we don't drink that much, so it really is not that much on our bill at the end.

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