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Default Re: Carnival's *pre-paid* gratuities

We have been pre paying our tips for the last 3 cruises. I love it. I dont have to think any more about the tips. Its done with .. all paid. I do leave some on my night stand every morning for our cabin steward. They all work so hard to mke sure we have a great cruise. i give extra to the dining room attendents also. i have never been disapointed with the service on a crusie. they r all there to make our vacation the best. And the do indeed do that. I like to get a lot of two dollar bills and leave them on the night stands. and give a chunk to the waiters on the last day with a thank u note. But in the long run our tips are all paid ahead of time and I dont have to worry about the bigger chunk then. I work for tips and I understand how it is to be tipped and not tipped by people who have no idea what they r doing in terms of tipping. So I do understand that the workers are depending on that wage.
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