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Default Re: Dining Table Size

Yes the tables are from 2-10 people. Not sure how they group people but on our cruise we had a table for 10, yet there was only 4 of us at it. We are a 40 something couple and the other couple was 20 something. Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful time with them (we even were on an excursion with them and to the shows) and they were very nice. The negative was we have children not much younger than this couple so it was weird. It was like we were with "our kids". It could have been that there should have been 6 other people at the table but they chose not to eat in the dining room. Anyway, if the first night you get a small table with obnoxious people, check with the maitre'd about changing either the table or dining time.

Cheryl C.
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