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Default 3 months contract!

Hi there, it's me again doing a monologue!!

Now I'm even happier because yesterday I discovered that my contract is a 3 months lasting contract, which means I've been so lucky that I will be able to be home during Christmas time (I finish on the 14th December!) which is quite wonderful for me because at Christmas is when my family and boyfriend come back home to stay all together (my boyfriend is studying abroad and he comes back to Spain during holidays, and my younger sister too...)

So I think I've been above all so lucky...

Did you ever hear before of such short contracts? Is it a normal thing? It is a first contract, and I don't see it a bad thing because it's like a test to know if I like it or not and also if the company likes me. What do you think?

Any International Host/ess from Costa or any other company in here that could give any advice, or any other person that could happily speak about anything helpful?

Thanks a lot!!
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