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I don't know why, but I have been having trouble getting onto this site. I tried to post some pictures last night but I kept getting an error message. I will try to put some up later on when I get home.

As far as the cruise itself, it was incredible!!! Obviously, a bit shorter than I would have liked, but when the majority of it was free, how could I complain?

The only issue we had was with Camp Carnival. My 7yo was hardly around and it was great for him. But my 2yo, now thats a different story. When you sign up any child in a 2-5yo group they give you cell phones that you can use on the ship. Well, being 2 he would cry every now and again. So what happened? They called us. One time the woman said "Anthony is crying on and off for the past 20 minutes, I think it would be best if you picked him up" So we went to pick him up and when we got there he was playing just fine with the rest of the kids and really didnt want to leave, but since she practically had his bag packed and pushed him out of the door we figured ok we will take him. Maybe he was really just that bad. Then we spoke to other parents that experienced the same exact thing. They would call them and say the child is crying on and off I think you should come and get him. In my opinion I think they just were either short handed or didn't want to be bothered with the little ones.

But we did still get to do an ecursion in Cozumel, which was great. We did the mini jeep and snorkel tour...lots of swimming to get to the reef, but very nice.

But all in all we had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. The ship was great. The boys loved the water park they had on board. And the food was really good too. We saw 2 shows while on board, one was an oldies show and one was a latin show. We took our 2yo to both of them and he loved every minute of it. On the last night we chanced it again and dropped of our 2yo at the camp and saw the "R" rated comedy show. We didn't get any calls from the camp this time because we dropped him off and he went right to sleep.

Well, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away.

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