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Don't forget your sunglasses! 8)

I know it sounds like a big DUH, but a couple of cruises ago, we're at the airport at 7am waiting for our flight and all of a sudden my friend went into a panic digging into her pocketbook, her carry-on, her jacket and then cried out S*$T !!! We all turned to her to find out what the problem was and she told us that she forgot her sunglasses. Not the best thing to leave behind...Prescription sunglasses for a Caribbean cruise!! Her cousin was meeting us but was traveling from another city so having her hit my friends place to pick up the shades was out of the question.

Here's why a pre-night can be a real trip-saver...I had to calm her down, and convince her it would be OK...I had an idea to fix the problem (she wasn't easily convinced). We landed, checked in to the hotel and then made our way to the nearest shopping mall. I figured with all malls having a Sunglass Hut, Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision...someone there had to have a sunglass clip that would at least come close to fitting her frames. Thankfully they did.

Once the frenzy was over...we had a nice laugh (at her expense, of course) but for a while...I thought she was going to pass out from being so mad at herself for forgetting them!! 8)

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