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Default Sunset Saturday (carrying over from Good Morning Saturday!)

Hey gang, sorry didn't get in on the morning venue but had good reason.

Went out to our Animal Adoption Center early this morning to help the staff get ready for what may be a large influx of refugees from Gustav, many of whom may have their pets. I understand there may be as many as seven or eight hundred arriving in Kingsport (about 45 minutes from here) either Sunday or Monday. No one knows anything for sure yet but it looks more and more as each hour passes as such will be the case.

In any event we've stockpiled barrels of food, food bowls, piles of blankets, barrels of water, and about thirty or forty small to medium pet carriers. We also have lined up "Foster home" if needed.

We're blessed with quite a number of volunteers who have said that as soon as we holler "Hey Rube!" regardless of whether that be at 4am or 4pm, Sunday or Monday, they will be ready to roll to wherever we must. I am so very proud of our staff, volunteers and the tremendous amount of support we have in a county with a total population of around 60 thousand with the largest town having a population of only 16,000. State Inspectors inform us that while certainly not the largest nor the most glitzy, we are nevertheless equal to the finest shelter in the State of Tennessee and we do it all without a NICKEL of public funds. On top of that we're a No Kill shelter.


Do so hope you aren't in the path of the storm but also remember, the worst part is the northeast quadrant so PLEASE, keep the gas tank filled and don't wait too long to make your decision. Also RayB and Helen and the others living in Central Florida, it could curve to the East again as well. We're all praying for you and everyone else in this storm's path.

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