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Aboard newer ships, regardless of line, all of the services (AC/water/sewer/power) is compartmentalized as each cabin is constructed miles away from the ship and brought over and slid into their place, connecting to the central resources on the ship. There should be no issues between internal and say external cabins.

Now your broader question regarding can a cabin effect your cruise enjoyment.... absolutely! Both from the side and category of cabin to the phyisical location of the cabin. Just ask folks who had cabins far forward that have experienced a ship dropping anchor. My gosh the sound is deafening in the whole front quarter of the ship. Also cabins aft tend to have vibrations and some rumblings from the engines. Additionally, cabins over or under busy public areas are also not fun. We once had a cabin beside an elevator and the stairs. It was a nightmare - thank goodness it was only a 4 day cruise.

When we decide on a cruise, we search the deck plans for cabins with only passenger cabins above and below, toward the center of the ship and away from major areas such as crew areas, elevators, stairs. That usually ensures the quietest cabins. Doesn't guarantee quiet, but in life there are no guarantees.

Anyway any day on a cruise is exponentially better than any work day so I tend to count my blessings of just being on a cruise ship and let it go form there! Happy cruising!
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