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Originally Posted by Donna
Hi Deb,
I have to agree with you, I think its hard to beat Princess when it comes to Alaska. Just got back last nite from Star Princess and while the ship layout has much to be desired, by the end of the cruise I wasn't getting turned around, but the total Alaska expirence on Princess is just amazing, they know how to do it!
Hi Donna:

After trying Princess Holland America and Celebrity, in my book, Princess comes out way on top. We were on the Star Princess a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. You are right that "Princess really knows how to do it!" when it comes to Alaska. Some other cruise lines do tend to treat Alaska like it was a Caribbean cruise, in that if you get to a port or not it is no big deal. We thought we were taking a once in a lifetime cruise to Alaska and have been back a dozen times since. Maybe Alaska should come with some kind of a warning label!

One statement made, on this thread, that "all cruise lines offer similar Itineraries" to Alaska is really not quite true. While many cruise lines do go to Glacier Bay and College Fjord there are some that can not. I know that all Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ships have been banned from going into Glacier Bay or College Fjord because of illegal dumping in Alaskan waters. Many other cruise lines do offer two days of glacier viewing with one in Glacier Bay National Park and one day cruising in College Fjord. Since Hubbard Glacier is not a National Park any cruise line can visit Hubbard Glacier. One downside to Hubbard Glacier is that in past years many cruise ships could not get even close to Hubbard Glacier until July because of ice flows.

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