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Default Re: Princess vs. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Originally Posted by collettet
We have traveled on RRCL ships 11 times and on 1 princess ship. We always stay in a balcony room (Highest level of catagory).

On the RRCL the balcony rooms felt bigger than the princess ship. RCCL had couchs and desk. Princess had chair and desk.

Which cruise line do you like best?
And why?
Hi collettet:

Having cruised to Alaska on Princess, Holland America and Celebrity, my favorite is Princess with HAL a close second. The big advantage that Princess and HAL have is that they can go into Glacier Bay, while Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are not allowed to go into Glacier Bay. Princess has the most experience and in my opinion does the best job in really taking an interest in showing off Alaska. On our last cruise to Alaska we passed some bears playing along the shore while cruising out of Glacier Bay and the Captain stopped the ship and turned around so that the passengers on the other side could also see the bears. I can't think of any other cruise line that would take that kind of interest in really showing off all the sights of Alaska!

If you check prices often the Princess mini-suites are only $100 pp, or so, more than the price of regular balcony cabins. For me, having the extra room is well worth the money.

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