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Default Carry Ons Only

Originally Posted by Libragirl
The next time we go to Europe (Nov. 2009) I plan to take only a carry-on bag. We'll be on Carrnival, so we can wash our clothes as often as necessary. Hauling luggage around Europe can be a major hassle. We've been on so many cruises now that we don't go to the dining room much anymore, so that cuts down a lot on clothes. We met a guy on our last cruise who travelled with only a backpack. So, it can be done!!!
My girl and I went on our last cruise, as well as to L.A., Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Cedar Rapids, and back to New York (and then on to Virginia for her) with only carry-ons, and we went to the dining room every night but one. And she wore something different each night of the week, including several gowns. My girl is amazing!
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