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Default Re: Dining Table Size

We ask for large tables as well for many of the same reasons as given here. You should be able to find at least some people at the table that you really get along with. It is actually a table and not a booth which I cannot sit at because of physical reasons. The tables are usually at a window or in the center of the dining room. They somehow usually do a great job of seating people with others that are compatible. For Fitzla and any other gay or lesbian couples or individuals it is usually great to ask for a large table as you can usually find good people to share with. When a gay couple askes for a table for four or six the ship does not know they are a couple and often seat them with other singles with a 50/50 gender if possible. Ask for a big table.

PS Wait a minute, If you ask for a big table the chances are I won't get one.......ask for a small table! <VBG>

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