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Our last big cruise was 34 days on the Pacific Princess, from Sydney to Honolulu. We had booked an inside guarantee and ended up with a lovely balcony!! However, that room was almost completely forward, right over the main theater! We would often lay in bed at night and listen to the music from the later show! It was not terribly loud and we actually kind of enjoyed it! The TV would have covered the sounds from below, it was just not an issue. And yes, the anchor was loud! But it only lasted for a minute or so and it imeant we had stopped in some new and exotic place!! Pinch me, we are in Bora Bora!! or Raiatea, or Samoa!! I would actually book that stateroom by choice the next time! Aside from those two sources of noise, it was very quiet down at the far end of the hall, only one cabin and an owner's suite beyond us, no one across the hall.
That being said- our very first cruise was totally ruined by a sick, crying baby next door. That baby, and/or his toddler sibling, cried 23 hours a day, making even a nap a total impossibility. By the last of 4 days, sleep deprivation has turned me into a total animal- I would have gladly CHOKED those stupid kids. I was too tired to enjoy anything. And I know I wasn't the only one. You could hear them crying out in the hallways for 8 rooms in either direction. That was 8 years ago and it still makes me angry when I think about it (which I don't do very often!!)
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