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Default don't ever deal with Carnival cruiselines again!!!!!

We're booked for the Miracle Sept 14th. It's our 25th wedding anniversary and we were planning on renewing our wedding vows on board. We paid for 3 cabins. 3 days ago one of the members of our traveling party developed a blood clot and can't go. Since her husband was my husband's best man, we were losing someone to stand up with my husband for the ceremony. We decided to see about putting our neice and her husband in this cabin so he could stand up with my husband. Carnival told my agent "you can only change one name in the cabin, otherwise you forfeit the room and have to collect on your travel insurance" We are fit to be tied to say the least. I have tried to speak with Gerry Cahill, the ceo of Carnival and have been given nothing but the runaround. No one will put me in contact with him. I have explained to 3 supervisors that this is a special occasion and this is why I want to fill the cabin with another relative. If this were just friends traveling together, we would not worry about it. I also said to the supervisor "you want us out of the cabin so you can then resell it at a higher price since we booked with a group at a discount rate and got a free upgrade." They did not deny this. I am putting a sign out in front of my deli that is on a state highway tomorrow that will say "don't book carnival cruiselines" and I'm sending a registered letter to Gerry Cahill in addition to calling the Florida State Attorney generals office. I have paid carnival cruiselines already $385 for our ceremony and another $199 for video services for the ceremony. We are so angry right now that we want to cancel this and get our money back and we'll dress up on one of the islands we go to and have a private ceremony to ourselves. We also planned on booking dinner at the reservations only supper club that charges $30 a head extra. That's not happening either. I have already told every supervisor I have spoken to that this is our LAST carnival cruise. Every customer I've spoken to said that they have known folks with the same predicament of someone being ill right before a cruise and have not had a problem putting other people in the cabins.

Way to go Carnival for ruining our fun time. They will not see us in the casino where we usually spend good money nor will they see us having cocktails, which we usually have a lot of while on vacation.

If there's anyone out there with clout with carnival can you help?
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