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Carnival is willing to give me the cabin again to the tune of $600 more. And where does it make a hoot of sense that you can change one name in a cabin? Do they not believe spouses are traveling together? I'm overnighting a letter to the CEO today but I do not expect a resolve to our favor.

By the way, Carnival really needs to learn about dealing with issues with their lines. Back in 2004 the legend was delayed by a medical emergency and came in a day late. We were told they would start boarding passengers at 8 p.m. They didn't start boarding until midnight. They put everyone in an 85 degree pier terminal and didn't so much as offer guests a small bottle of water. I had a husband with a broken foot that I could not get any extra assistance for. The sad part is they put their ship employees at the mercy of very angry passengers. We were just happy to get on board after standing in a hot terminal for 4 hours. I've read other posts with the same exact problem. They had people fuming because they gave everyone a $10 credit on the sail and sign for missing lunch that day. People didn't get lunch that day nor dinner and they still charged everyone the gratuity charge for the day which they were all screaming about.

We're still going and enjoying ourselves. We were just trying to do a good deed and bring on a young couple who have young kids and are trying to keep their heads afloat in a tough economy. They would not otherwise be able to afford to ever take a cruise. And his mom was gracious enough to say she would take the kids for a week.
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