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Originally Posted by bobbo777
I feel like Carnival has just given up, they really don't go out of there way to help customers who feel wronged. They screwed me too and don't really care that I will never cruise with them again. Plus, they don't even seem to mind that RCL is positioning itself to be more fun and innovative than Carnival.

It kinda reminds me of how the once dominant KMART fell so easily to Wal Mart.
Wow, you are confused. Carnival has smaller ships that are cheaper to operate and maintain. Plus in a down ecomony they are more likely to fill a smaller ship.

In the West Coast area they go to more ports and have longer cruises than Royal Carribean. Mariner of the Seas is the first "big" RCCL ship to come down here and it's maiden Voyage was in Nov 16, 2003. The Carnival Splendor will debut in 2008 and start cruising out of LA in 2009, people would prefer to cruise a newer ship. RCCL is missing a lot of revenue by not paying attention to the West Coast Market.

The Flordia area is an oversaturated market yet RCCL still brings ship over there. So the Kmart and Wal Mart comparsion doesn't hold any water.
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