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Originally Posted by spacewoman
Gee and eggplant USED to be my favorite vegetable. I must say who are you to judge anyone on this message board? or how they feel? Did I say we were pissed all during the legend cruise? I simply stated that they need to come up with something better when their ships are delayed and they need to keep embarking passengers separated from debarking passengers. They also did not compensate passengers for losing the equivalent of one day on their cruise. Our ONLY gripe was standing in that hot room for 4 hours unable to get someone to assist my diabetic husband who was standing on a broken foot because there was no place to sit down! I did not take this issue up with any carnival personnel because they have absolutely no control over anyones complaints. I wrote a letter to carnival AFTER the cruise and said they need to come up with something better. We had a great time on the cruise. They spent only a few hours in puerto rico because of the delay but they gave us extra time in St. Thomas to compensate.

As far as this mess, one of their own employees told me NO PROBLEM to change the two people in our adjoining room. It was then ANOTHER department that said no. And to make matters worse it was nothing but telephone tag because they would only talk to my travel agent which makes me wonder why use an agent. And - Carnival doesn't do something for nothing. They charge $50 to change a name in a cabin.

I would suppose if Eggplant were out some decent monies there might be a change of heart.

Carnival is willing to put our other guests in the cabin. They want us to cancel the one couple, charge us twice as much for the cabin, have the money now and make us wait for the travel insurance to pay us back. If they had just simply said we'll charge you a couple of hundred for our administrative time, we would have understood and went ahead with it.

I agree with my prior poster look what kmart did to themselves, is Carnival around the corner?
No they aren't sorry if you are unhappy with Carnival but Carnvial VS RCCL is not the same as Kmart VS Walmart. My research into Carnival VS RCCL tells me Carnival has a better marketing plan. They both have an Earning Per Share of $2.91 and low P/Es. RCCL's big ships make me nervous I beleive they are overextending themselves. Sorry you guys didn't care about all this did you. Sorry bobbo777 put a fianaical slant on it and I went crazy.

I hope everything works out with your cruise. I hope you will try Airforce's plan with his way you only pay $100 to change the names. Right now you are trying to change the policy of a huge Corporation so you get your way, it will not work. Out think the system and find the loop holes don't try to change the system because, you are just banging your head against a wall with trying to change the policy.
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