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Default Re: Re: Triumph - Double Rooms w/ Sofa Beds?

We were told that our triple does not have a fold out bed, but a convertible sofa bed. We asked this specifically because I don't think my Grandmother could climb up into a bed.

The conflicting info that we have is that some of the carnival reps say that all of those rooms have a convertible sofa bed and others say that only rooms labeled a triple have it. The reps that said the rooms were the same also told us that they label some doubles (rather then say they are all triples) so that they don't overbook the ship (due to coast guard standards etc.)

It sounds like one of those things I'll have to check out when I'm there.

~ Val ~

PS...The reason I am asking is because we have 4 rooms...2 doubles, and then 1 double connecting to 1 triple. My grandmother is officially listed in the triple connecting room, but really wants to stay with my parents in one of the rooms labeled a double.


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