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If you wish to drink I like craps. The house edge can be low and once you know what to do there is really no thinking involved. If you do not drink and can stick to the strategy then blackjack is great.

Every throw of the craps dice is independent so there is no memorizing and really no strategy. Once you have set your strategy you just throw the dice without much thinking involved. Did I mention you get to throw things and yell!

In craps there is no house advantage on odds bets. They pay at true odds. So if you start with a pass line bet the normal house edge is 1.41%. When you take odds on that bet (which have no house advantage) you start to dilute the house edge and cut it to fractions of a percent. With 5x odds on the pass line (which is very common) you cut the house advantage to .33%. It is always the same no matter who is playing or how many drinks you've had.

Now try calculating the house advantage on blackjack. It depends on the number of decks, when the dealer hits and stands not to mention how the person sitting next to you plays.

When in doubt play something that makes you smile and STOP PLAYING when you stop smiling. The house does not have to cheat because the rules are written to their advantage and the house wins in the long run.
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