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Default Re: QueenFalina/Ncl Star

Originally Posted by trixie
Please can you tell me if you got a free upgrade. we are going on the star in March 2009. Would love to know if you got a freebie.
Yes, I received a free upgrade. In Oct. of 07 we booked our cruise for Feb of 09 on deck 8 forward balcony(bd). In Feb of this year we paid to move up one cat. to a bc on deck 9 aft. Then in August I noticed the prices had gone down so I called my ta to see if I could get an obc for the price difference. She called me back and said this was my lucky day. They moved us up 2 cat to deck 10 midship cabin is a ba plus a $50 obc and a price reduction. This normally doesn't happen with NCL. People have said I must be someone special. No, I just got lucky and it probably will never happen again. You never now what will happen. All you can do is ask and see what happens.
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