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Default Help - How long is too long to be in RCL "Gap Pool"

Hi all,

I was hired/approved as a Cruise Program Administrator and placed in the RCL Gap Pool on May 11, 2008. Written confirmation from RCL person who hired me on May 13! I just recieved written confrimation from the Recruiter that RCL informed her last week I am still in the Gap Pool for the CPA position and I am looking at the very minimum one more month wait for ship asignment.

In the mean time I have done all the required Medicals and got my fit for duty from the Doctor. This was an expensive undertaking and because I'm in some kind of limbo land waiting for ship assignment no other cruise lines or recruiters would give me the time of day so I couldn't get on another ship anyhow! (Believe me I tried everything!) I'm rather worried that I may have wasted the $750.00 I spent on the medical, drugs, police clearnance tests. I am also a little upset because I suspect the Recruiter knew all along that there was not any real chance of a CPA position opening up any time reasonably close to the date I was hired!

My question is am I being jerked around? Has anyone else waited this long for a ship assignment. If I do get the assignment in the start of October like RCL advised this would be almost a 6 MONTH wait.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Frustrated in BC
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