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Also, do not fall prey to penny and nickel slot machines. For many the max play button will cost you two dollars or more per spin. Many nickel machines allow you to play up to 45 coins per spin. That is $2.25 per spin!

If you are new to gambling just remember it can be fun, it can be addictive and it can ruin your life.

I have a set amount I will gamble in a day. Each day's money goes into an envelope. If I walk away from a game a winner then the profit goes into the safe and NEVER returns to the casino. If I loose my daily money I do not play again until the next day. If at any time I am not have a lot of fun I leave the casino. I will not give the house $50 a hand to be miserable. Prior to this system I had a gambling budget which I stuck to but I would keep playing until my gambling money was gone. It guarantees you will loose because you play until it is all gone. Now with a more structured system I am actually ahead, and even if you have a bad day or two you can always remember those good days where you carried money home.
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