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you can ask for room upgrades if they are available but they usually dont really give a discount on the price.

Most people arnt in their rooms long enough to care what room they have.
I have had verandah, inside room, ocean view and honestly we are in the room just long enough to sleep or change clothes, so why pay for the fancy room if we're not going to be in it to enjoy it.

Now if you have a child young enough to nap everyday, many like the verandahs so they can enjoy the view while baby sleeps. Although there are 3 different verandahs, so be cafeful to get one with a good view, if you go that route.

a couple quick tips since your new that may help make your cruise a bit more magical.

Room service menu wont have it listed but in the evenings you can order hot chocolate chip cookies . also you can order Mickey Ice cream bars.
Kids love that as a late dessert before bed. it is free, but they charge for Milk. So while you order the cookies, have soemone go to deck 9 where the drink station is and get soem cups of cold milk there. or grab cartons of milk at breakfast and put in your frig in your room. The frig is not super cold, so if you like really cold milk as the room host to deliver ice an hour before dessert time and put your cartons of milk in it to get ice cold.

You can take 2 pillowcases or a matte style picture frame and some waterproof markers. Put them in a zip lock baggies with a card with your name and room number on it.
Take this to the guest srvices desk in the atrium right away the first day and ask for them to be autographed by the characters. At the end of your cruise they will be delivered to your room all autographed for free.
some stick a tip and thankyou card in the baggie for the peopel who do this, its up to you.

Remember to take some one dollar bills for tips for room service, for excursion guides.

If you plan to use your credit card in the Bahamas (nassau) notify your credit card company before you go.
sometimes if they dont know they will decline purchases until they call and you verify all kinds of information to proveit is you, when their lines are busy, this can take 30 minutes to an hour to do.

arrive early 10 minute before character greest to save waiting in a long line. Princess meets, arrive 15 minutes early, lines get long fast fo rthem.
On castaway cay there are characters along the way, check your navigator for times. This si a great time fo rphotos. Lines are short and move fast because everyone wants to get to the beach.

If you walk to the beach, NOT ride the tram you can get Captain Jack Sparrows photo withyou and the dutchman in the background.
The tram will go past this and NOT stop, you must walk the trail to the beach. Its a 10 minute walk.
Check his time in the Navigator. he is there for 30 minutes twice a day. He does line up fast!! arrive early if possible. It truly is an awesome picture.

when you show friends and family your vacation pictueres, they will expect Mickey and friends but NOT Capt. jack Sparrow.
sometimes on pirate night they offer a photo session on boardw ith him. It is awesome to hav eon pirate clothes and have your photo taken with him. so check the Navigator for times and arrive 15 minutes early.
we skipped dessert for this and it was so worth it and we still had dessert at the pirate partylater.

Hope this helps you some,


20 DCL cruises and counting!
1 Carnival Glory cruise

Waiitng for the new ships to arrive for more magical cruises!!
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