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Default travel agent definitely

First of all, choose a travel agent or book through the specific line unless you know what your doing, which you won't on your first time unless you are in the travel industry yourself. A travel agent can get you the lowest possible price, but you have to push them a bit to do it. Be willing to walk away from that agent and go to another or book directly if they refuse to lower the price they quote, as they are losing money if they can't book you on a cruise. Most people book a 3-7 day cruise on their first outing, but if you have time and money you can do a 2 week cruise if you like. Whatever the cruise line is, your travel agent can give you the same price they give you on their site, even if it is lower than theirs. Also, many sites will give a lower price through either special deals or consolidaters. Whichever way you choose, check the company out carefully and any online site you can't call to get help with don't use. Travel insurance is also highly recommended.
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