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Originally Posted by gaileeh
Thanks for the review and the pictures. It sounds like you had a great cruise.
We had a great time. Hopefully I get all the other pics uploaded soon and then of course all the pics from the other roll call members.

Originally Posted by katlady
I have always wanted a gallery tour. How did you arrange it?
You either have to be a D+ member or you have to be brought by a D+ member.

We are close to D+ and we arranged the tour through the concierge and a another D + member.

There are times though that RCI makes exemptions. It is up to the Captain and hotel manager essentially.

Originally Posted by ragtiki2005
Neat looking balcony door. Never seen one like that before. Did you say that was an aft balcony cabin? Liked your pics. Bob
It was the corner stern balcony on the Freedom. I think there are only 4 of those cabin doors.

Like I send I am not very fond of the Voyager Class/Freedom Class stern balconies but I was pleasantly surprised. The door was kind of funny in the beginning because it is such a long time that I used one of these doors. They are very rare on RCI.

I was trying to move up one deck because the extra window but if you look at the pic I just uploaded the balcony on 8710 seems bigger. So I am happy that this cabin never became available.

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