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Good Morning cruisemates. Summer has returned to Calgary at least temporarily... with temps today going to the high 70s F.

It's been kind of a miserable few days. My father went back into the hospital last Thurs. He's doing a bit better but still there. On the weekend I had my mother in emergency due to heart flutter. That calmed, and they finally sent her home. But I spent the day running between emerg and my father's room updating each of my parents.

Yesterday was my mother's 80th birthday. Surprised her with a new flat screen LCD television. She couldn't believe that "thin thing" contained everything needed to make it a functional TV.

One of her caregivers, who's only been with her for a month, brought her a dozen roses... how very sweet!

This morning I have an eye exam, a couple of errands for my father, then visit him, and if everything is stable I'm heading to the golf course this afternoon.
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