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Morning All, from Montreal, where the sun is shining but the temps have cooled down.
Third day on antibiotics, and they are doing a good job of "flushing" out my system, if you know what I mean!
Unfotunately, they are doing nothing for improving the pain, and I am at the point of considering a hospital ER visit if this does not subside today.

Kuki, sorry to hear of your parents' continued health problems. Wish your mom a belated happy 80th!

"Maw", loved your dolphins!

VTJen, I heard about the bad weather in the Maritimes, hoping it clears and is smoother sailing for you today! I also hope the food, service and entertainment aboard the Dream is enough to compensate for the bad weather!

T Bug, so great to see you posting! Don't be a stranger, I've missed you!

Trip, I did the closet change over the weekend, but not completely, since I still have to pack some of the summer stuff in a few weeks, for our cruise!

Mike, I'll stay outta your way with that weed whacker!

Irish, thanks for your daily blessings.

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