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Default Oh No, It's only Tuesday

Good morning! Sunny and plesant but gonna be a hot one . . .

Trip, I won't do the closet change til October. With temps in the triple digits, I can't bear the thought of heavy jeans and sweaters.
VtJen, take somethin' for that sea sickness
RD, what a struggle you're having. Feel better soon.
Mike, happy weed whacking. I'll stay out of the way, too.
Phyll, please give Rosie a scratch behind the ears and a pet for me.

Keith has a dr.'s appt. and a long list of to-do's for the MD, including a pre-op exam for the eye surery on Oct. 1. Ah, aging! I have some house cleaning to do, but at least, no ironing. I finally got a Sept. 24 appt. for the biopsy. And on that happy note, I'll say . . .

Have a good day, all.

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