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peter, my room steward was very good, i told him i need extra towels because i like to have towels on the floor when i get out the shower and i like to have one towel in the chair, i never had to ask again, he always had the extra towels waiting from me, he also heard me tell someone that my lower back was hurting and i forgot my heating pad, when i got back to my room there was 2 instance heat pacts on my bed with a note from him saying(i hope this helps your back). he did not have too do that, that is not his job, but he went the extra step to make sure i did not have a bad cruise due to my back hurting.( that is why i gave extra, not counting him doing his regular cleaning)

2) my room steward also would open my door as well as open other peoples door if he saw you going to your room.(that also is not his job, i could open my own door, but just that little extra attention that he gave you made him special), so i had no problem with giving him extra.
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