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Default Re: fabrics for clothing choices, Caribbean cruise

Originally Posted by brad813
I am planning to go on a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise on Carnival in late March/early April with a couple days before and after spent in Florida. This will be my first cruise. Are there any fabrics that I should avoid. I already have my tuxedos(I am dressing these down a bit while still showing my unique style) picked out, but am looking for a sport coat or two that I could wear during the day or evening. Also, I need some advice on casual wear. I typically wear polos and golf shirts, as well as a few Hawaiian shirts here and there, during the day, but advice on other options for both shirts and shorts/pants would be helpful. Quantities needed of both shirts and pants/shorts would also be appreciated.

You won't need the sport coat during the day, unless it's how you normally dress.

Day wear can range anywhere from a golf/polo type shirt and shorts to swimming trunks and a t-shirt. A Hawaiian shirt, golf/polo shirt are fine for both day and casual evening wear. If you do go for the sport jacket make sure it is a lightweight wool blend or silk. Heavy wool will be too hot, especially if you wear it outdoors.

A good idea is to reuse shorts and casual pants. You should be able to get two days out of each. Pack a casual shirt for each day. I also suggest shirts to be light colors. Dark colors, especially black, are hot in the hot Caribbean sun.

Take care and have a wonderful cruise.
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