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Peter V...I have sailed on cruise ships where the staff just did their job, nothing extra, and I don't tip extra....but, when they go that extra mile, they deserve monetary recognition. On one cruise, our Room Steward overheard me in the hallway stating that I had forgotten my hair dryer and when I returned an hour later, there was a hair dryer on the vanity for my use for the entire week. I also mentioned to this wonderful man that I liked a lot of ice and he brought in a small cooler and kept it full of fresh ice for the entire week. As Tinna mentioned, I also like a lot of towels and they were always there, day after day. These may seem like small things to some people but to me it showed they were willing to extend themselves beyond making your bed, refreshing your towels and cleaning your bathroom. Wait staff also, some just do what is expected but most tune in to you and/or your group's needs from the very first night and that's what makes eating in the formal dining rooms special. They remember, first of all, everyone's name, that you like lots of ice in your water, a certain type of roll, that you love baked potatos and they bring you one every night with dinner and that your grandson loves chocolate ice cream and it's there before you have to order it, etc. They don't have to do any of this, their job consists of taking your order and bringing you the food and clearing it away. It's the special ones that get that extra tip.
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