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Default Re: Leaving from Shanghai Questions

Originally Posted by katiedid
I'm booked to leave from Shanghai and will be arriving the night before. I have a reservation at the Grand Hyatt and am unsure how far it is from where I'll be boarding. I've searched high and low and I have directions from the airport to the pier, I have not been able to find out exactly where it is. I am unsure if my hotel is too far from the pier. Does anyone know where Royal Caribbean boards in Shanghai?
I really can't remember exactly where we docked but cabs are easy and plentiful. Here's a hint. Use all the cabs except the red ones. They are the "gypsy" cabs of Shanghai and charge more and do not have the quality of vehicles of the other colors. I suggest having someone at your hotel write the name of cruise ship dock, in Chinese, on a card that you can show a taxi driver.

A trip to the Yu Yuan Gardens and the Temple of the Jade Buddha are some interesting things to do. When you are at the Yu Yuan Gardens go down to the Antique Market that is located there. I wouldn't bet on getting real Chinese antiques but they do have some nice antique watches, textiles and Chinese brick a brak and a great place to just wander around. Also, in the same complex is a place that serves some of the best dumpling, including soup dumplings, I've ever had.

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