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Default RE: Laundry Pricing

Hi DannysDad,

Actually I downloaded the prices for laundry and having a shirt laundered is now 2.50-3.00. Pants are 3.50. Swimsuits, 2.00. Underwear (underwear!) 1.20 each. Dresses are 5.00, blouses 3.50. Okay, so the pricing seems reasonable, but when you add up all the individual pieces for two people on a 15 night cruise, you can see it gets really expensive! I'm thrilled about the clothes line in the shower and will bring along a bottle of Woolite. I'm bringing along a travel steamer (Tobi Quick-I found at Target) that works amazingly well for smoothing out wrinkles. Of course, some things we will still have laundered and pressed, but certainly not our underwear, socks or swimsuits. Cindy

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