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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by upsman1986
How much can you possibly gain on one cruise? I've been on cruises before and know all about the food everywhere you look, but a coworker of mine says he gained 15lbs in 7 days.
That would be over 2 pounds a day. I'm not certain that is possible. I think he didn't weight himself before the cruise or weighted himself at different times of the day.

The most I have ever gained was 5 pounds.I gain one pound on my last 14 day cruise. We went to Eurpore and walked a lot in the Vatican and through Rome and Venice.
Oh believe me it's possible... you remember I needed a scale on board so I could keep myself in check? Well, In about 12 days, (7 days being on the cruise) I gain about 9 lbs... this was extremly good for me since I ate and drank pretty much anything and everything I wanted.
But for someone my size (I don't know how much the friend of the OP weighs) I could drop or gain 5 to 10 lbs in a week easy, just by a good old fashion bbq and beer or a couple of nights out etc....
That's why when I lost 38 lbs before me cruise it was importantant to me that I didn't gain it all back.
I did by the get on the treadmill while on the cruise... (only once) but it was one more time than last cruise... lol
Also we walked alot too. I'm getting back on track now and hoping to start losing the cruise weight again.
By the way... the scale did not weigh my size, so I was not able to keep track at all while on vacation.. for someone who weighs at least twice a day, it was killing me, but I did ok, choc meliting cake and all.
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