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See I kind of disagree with the article for a first cruise I would want a set table so I could get to know my co diners on the cruise. If you have experienced cruisers at your table they can give you great tips and information. How many days (4 day, 7 day, 11 day) are you planning on cruising? Where do you want to cruise from? Do you have certain ports you want to see? These all make a difference in what cruise line. I'm a west coast cruiser. So I cruise from: Long Beach, San Diego, San Perdo, and San Franciscio. The cruise options are limited out of San Francisco it's Princess and Norwegian. Also all cruise lines have catogories of ships RCL's biggest ships right on the Freedom Class ship and Carnival's are the Conquest class. Once you figure out the port and stops go to Youtube and put the name of the ship into a search a lot of cruisers made youtube videos it's a great source of unbiased information. I hope that helps you.
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