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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
I'm looking forward to it, Rita! Take me to Bora Bora!

Where are you going in the South Pacific, anyway?
Bora Bora, Raitera, Moorea and Papette, plus Nuka Hiva. Then all the Hawaiian Islands as well, including an overnight in Oahu.

I am at the Pan Pacific in Vancouver right now. Vince and Karen (Vinman) picked me up at the airport, plus we took a wonderful city tour by car this evening. We left by daylight and returned in the dark. We drove over the bridge, all lit up with twinkling lights. Vince also took me through various sections of Vancouver, including some extremely rich areas where homes go for money like $5+ mil. These homes' claim to fame is their views overlooking the harbor and the bridge. To think that there are people who can sit out on their decks in the evening and enjoy these views is enough to make anyone green with envy.

Earlier today we also walked around the cruise pier. There are two ships in -- one a huge Royal Caribbean vessel and also the Celebrity Infinity. Both of these ships are not set to sail until very late this evening, like around midnight. I really don't have a harbor view from this room on the 20th floor of the Pan Pacific, but I am able to just barely see the infinity if I lean waaaayyyy over near the corner of my window.

This room, by the way, has a bathroom that's almost bigger than my entire cabin on the Carnival Paradise cruise I just got off of.

I only wish things had worked out that I could have spent a couple of days precruise here in Vancouver. There's a lot to see and do here, things I was not even aware of. There are floatplane tours one can take, an aquarium one can visit, and even a paddleboat that does a nice sunset cruise. If one can walk good distances, there is plenty to see and do along the sea wall. Unfortunately, I can't walk that much, and that's why Vince and Karen were kind enough to offer me a driving tour.

Another awesome thing about this hotel too is that it is literally a part of the cruise terminal. Around 11:00 in the morning, I will call the bell man and he will come up to get my huge suitcase, and deliver it right to the ship! Now that's a really unique service ... and best of all it's free!

This is a somewhat "pricey" hotel, but for a day or so it's worth the money. It's in a great location -- one needs only bop on down to the cruise ship level at checkout time and be right in line to check in onboard ship.

I don't think I've ever looked forward to a cruise as much as I am looking forward to this one. We'll do a five-day "coastal" first, taking us from Vancouver to Victoria, B.C., and then onward to San Francisco (where more people will embark for the Hawaii/South Pacific voyage, and others only doing a three-day coastal from Vancouver will disembark. Then we head to San Diego, where we'll embark still more people for the Hawaii/South Pacific voyage, and the remainder of the "coastal crowd" will disembark. And then we have my favorite ... four glorious sea days enroute to Hawaii, where we will spend six days before heading onward to the South Pacific.

I'll be providing a running commentary, so I hope you all jump onboard and come along.

For now, I'll sign off. It's been a long day and an ardous flight from LAX (Expedia had the wrong airline listed on my paperwork, so I went to the wrong terminal ... a frantic cab ride to get to the right one, followed by getting to my gate as the flight was getting ready to start boarding left me a frazzled mess. But at least it's all behind me now, and a nice gate agent from United helped me to get my huge suitcase out to the cab stand when it appeared I was about to have a melt down right in front of him.

So, now I'll just get a good night's sleep and dream about the start of this wonderful voyage.

Blue skies ... calm seas!

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