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Vince also took me through various sections of Vancouver, including some extremely rich areas where homes go for money like $5+ mil. These homes' claim to fame is their views overlooking the harbor and the bridge. To think that there are people who can sit out on their decks in the evening and enjoy these views is enough to make anyone green with envy.
A long time ago after one of our Alaska cruises, we visited friends who used to live near us and at the time were living in one of those homes that overlook the harbour and bridge. Oh, what a sight! We had been on the Rotterdam V and watched as it sailed out of the harbour on it's return to Alaska. I sure did envy them having that view every day.

We've stayed at the Pan Pacific a few times as it's so convenient to the terminal and in May were very fortunate to be upgraded to a Suite overlooking the harbour. I had booked the cheapest room they you said the are pricey, but worth it for one night. When we woke up in the morning we watched the Veendam as she sailed into port.

Have a wonderful time, Rita, and I look forward to your reports.

P.S. Forgot to say our friends did not live in a house worth $5M - maybe now it does.
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