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I have to share with you what my room steward did, and this was before I even knew he was my room steward, I love cruisin, been on 6, but I still get a little anxious, about winds, and tipping over, just tell me it will not tip, and I am o.k.
The first day before we left port the skies turned black, the winds picked up just before the life boat drill, and OMG, I was nervous, I had this little anxiety attack I ran out of my room, I have no idea where I was going, but I had to leave, right outside my room was this guy, I was so nervous I did not even see that he worked for carnival he asked if I was o.k I asked him if we were in for a rough ride, and he opened the door, that just happen to be their , pointed to the ocean and said thats what you look for nice calm seas, which we have ,not the wind or the skies, we will have a very smooth ride he assured me . well by the time the drill was over the wind did stop, and the sun was out, You have no idea how I felt after that and every time he saw me he talked about the weather or what the seas was telling us he was awesome, to me that was way over and above.
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