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Default Re: Re: Rome to Ft. Lauderdale on Liberty.. U OUT THERE??

Hello all,
Yes, excitement mounts as we approach the cruise.

Kuki, Thanks for the comments on the satillite phone. That sounds like it works for you but not sure about the size of it and what the service for it entails. But please let me know if your sister used a cell phone with the simm card for installation and use in countries other than the US. Thats probably what I will do and I am thinking of the Moterola a840 model, if anyone has used it ,or if the Samsung is better. (looked at both)

We are going to Pompeii. The book we got divides it in sections which prioritizes if you have either 2,4,or 6 hours to spend there. We are hoping for the 4 hour at least but not sure what the tours off Carnival will entail. Our trip there is on our pre-land trip before we sail.

Was very sad to hear of the bombing in London. Hope this is the last of those type of incidences!! I will never understand the mentality except to say its demonic.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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