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Default Booking with Travel Agent or Direct

Ok. So today I went to my travel agency, Escapades Travel here in San Antonio to book my cruise. I had read that booking with a TA would usually gain you extra perks. Such as free trip insurance, ect. I got nothing. I put it on "hold" until Thursday when I have to go back to pay my deposit. I was kinda surprised by the whole thing. She was nice, and seemed like she was interested in helping me, but everything I told her she disreguarded. I asked for a deck that did not have a public area above or below. She gave me the Upper deck. I asked for a balcony cabin mid deck, I get one Aft. I tell her that I have cruised before, she ignores me. I tell her that I dont want near the elevator, I get one 2 doors down. I swear it was like I was not even talking to her. I have never used a TA before. I have always booked my own travel. Even when I went to France I did every thing myself. I am/was concidering Conquest. I may have to re think and go Escasty instead. I have not made up my mind, but I do have until Thrusday.

My question is this: Is there any benefits to booking with a TA vs Direct with Carnival? So far I think I may cancel her booking and do my own. Especially since I did not get the cabin location/deck that I wanted. I mean if they are booked and thats all thats left then fine, but she did not ask.

I am wanting to sail the Conquest on Feb 21, 2010 or the Escasty on Feb 20, 2010.
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