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We have had some very good waiters and room stewarts and we have had some very bad ones. Its all about attitude...there's and yours! One waiter was so attentive to the man in the booth behind us at dinner because he had money and connections with the crew (he made that obvious) but our service was terrible because of his impartial attitude. And we felt like 2nd class cruisers. Did he take our order and bring our food? Yes, but he was not going above and beyond. We had a room stewart that was obviously impatient because we wouldn't vacate when she thought it was time to clean. Her attitude implied that we were putting her behind. I guessed she was a newer one. Contrast that with a stewart who acts like a stealth cat and you never see him but towels are magically appearing with regularity and if you do see him he apologizes for intruding on your privacy...he got a good tip! Thats the difference, I think.

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