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Default Re: Booking with Travel Agent or Direct

Originally Posted by tbowman
Ok. So today I went to my travel agency, Escapades Travel here in San Antonio to book my cruise. I had read that booking with a TA would usually gain you extra perks. Such as free trip insurance, ect. I got nothing. I put it on "hold" until Thursday when I have to go back to pay my deposit. I was kinda surprised by the whole thing. She was nice, and seemed like she was interested in helping me, but everything I told her she disregarded. I asked for a deck that did not have a public area above or below. She gave me the Upper deck. I asked for a balcony cabin mid deck, I get one Aft. I tell her that I have cruised before, she ignores me. I tell her that I don't want near the elevator, I get one 2 doors down. I swear it was like I was not even talking to her. I have never used a TA before. I have always booked my own travel. Even when I went to France I did every thing myself. I am/was considering Conquest. I may have to re think and go Ecstacy instead. I have not made up my mind, but I do have until Thursday.

My question is this: Is there any benefits to booking with a TA vs Direct with Carnival? So far I think I may cancel her booking and do my own. Especially since I did not get the cabin location/deck that I wanted. I mean if they are booked and thats all thats left then fine, but she did not ask.

I am wanting to sail the Conquest on Feb 21, 2010 or the Ecstacy on Feb 20, 2010.
I don't know if you wanted "The lowest price" or were more concerned with the cabin location. If you were specific about the location I would get a new TA. There are plenty of mid-ship, 8C cabins, available on Empress deck (i.e. 7363) that perfectly fits your criteria.

A TA cannot always give you freebies but on a Carnival cruise they should be able to give you a lower price than Carnival is offering. It may not be much but it should be lower and most of all they should give you what you want if it's available. Don't be afraid to speak with your dollars and find a new TA.

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