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Actually, I'm not a we loved the layout of the ship, the signage, the crew and I have to admit the new dress code, THEY (those who have sailed her before) say the menu is not as good, frankly Im not a meat eater but the beef, lamb and veal were their strong points. Everything else seemed underspiced. Some of the appetizers and salads were so off the wall thatin the end the table would order two shrimp cocktail each night. Desserts have been cut down to three (excellent though) and the upstairs buffet was in a world all itself for lunch and breakfast.. There were several great headliners... the musicals.. the first and last night were great...not to mention a few interesting cultural events. BTW the ship is sold out with a waiting list of 300 for their 2009 t/a.. Would I sail her again.. absolutely.we had a wonderful located cabin and steward.. the best we have had in probably 20 plus cruises.. The C.D,. was below par.. we preferAlan King from the Century who showed what a C.D. should be
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