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Originally Posted by MadManOfBethesda
I just registered on this board so that I can participate in this thread. As you may recall, I posted on the "other" cruise board about surprising my wife with a trip for our 30th anniversary in December, and you helped me decide to take the 30-day Hawaii/Tahiti cruise out of San Diego on the Ryndam in January. So I will be anxiously following your cruise report to see what is in store for us in a few months!
I can absolutely assure you that you will love it. This is my second time doing this itinerary, and Trisha's third. We can well envision ourselves doing this itinerary many more times in the years to come. It is a wonderful collection of ports, with a nice generous portion of sea days to even out the mix. Of course, for folks who don't like sea days, this may not be the best choice in itineraries since it has some 18 of them! But, I personally love sea days, so I have no problem with them.

Blue skies and great to have you along for the ride!

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