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Kat - share the recipe! (if you have it)

Work has been crazy - these guys don't understand I need to get the work done so I can see my babies!!

The printer broke - thanks to someone who had to print color copies and about 150 pages!! had to jump thru hoops to get it called in for repair and then the repair guy calls and says he doesn't know when he'll get here - I told him "I'm outta here by 1:30 at the latest: Also, sent out an e-mail telling everyone of a deadline by 12 noon today - well, seems some people can't meet deadlines and this concerns their paycheck!!! I'd be darn sure I had my timecard in by the deadline - no, still have about 20 or so folks who've not met the deadline -

thanks for letting me vent - oh yeah, then the server for our computers was down this morning for about an hr - so that screwed up my day as well!! gotta love this job when you want to take off!!!
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