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Dittos to all the good advice above.

As for getting freebies from the agent, here is my experience.
Frequently you will get a bottle of wine from your TA. However, since this is your first booking with a TA keep that in mind. Back before my TA-who-walked-on-water retired she was always able to get me great upgrades for free, but I had done a lot of business with her.

I have gotten free travel insurance from one of the larger internet companies, I don't think I can mention their name here but if you PM me, I'll tell ya'. They do not always offer it, but more often than not.

You can also do a Cruise Quote (is that the name?) available through the link on this site. You put in your specs and several agencies will respond via your CM mailbox. No one is going to bug you by phone or email.
Attached to each quote will be mentioned whether they offer you any goodies.

BTW, for what it's worth, I'd go on the Conquest. I've been on both ships twice and the Conquest has so much more to offer.
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