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Originally Posted by katlady
I still don't see your view. The thread was started by someone who was distrubed by a child or children in a public place. No where on this thread is anyone claiming that all children are misbehaving.
Really? I have met some rude people on cruises and planes. They were American. Would you honestly consider the following post to be a reasonable response? These are the exact words you are defending.

Americans On Airlines, Americans On Ships, Americans Anywhere

I guess that I must just be old and grumpy, but it seems that there are Americans crying or screaming almost everywhere I go. This particularly applies to resturants, movies and malls. I avoid this problem to a large extent on cruise ships, since I generally take long cruises during the winter months.

Almost every time we have been in a resturant during the past few months, there has been Americans crying or screaming somewhere in the establishment.
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