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This is how I was explained it by a couple of different cruise lines as a travel agent....

Some cruise lines allow you to bring your own bottles, however they require you put them on your carry on luggage (Carnival particularly) no liquor is allowed to be brought on but wine is excepted by most. They do charge you a corking fee from there if you call to have them open it. Last time I cruised I forgot to pack my bottle opener in my luggage (Note: not my carry on!) As crazy as it sounds I used a hanger we'd brought on board and rigged an opener just so I didn't have to pay this stupid fee! As a suggestion, put your wine on your carry on and your bottle opener in your check(so to say) luggage! Your going through two different departments (Port security and cruise line security!) they rarely communicate between one another, their is always a small chance of getting caught, but not as likely!
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