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Originally Posted by Aidan
Originally Posted by katlady
I still don't see your view. The thread was started by someone who was distrubed by a child or children in a public place. No where on this thread is anyone claiming that all children are misbehaving.
Really? I have met some rude people on cruises and planes. They were American. Would you honestly consider the following post to be a reasonable response? These are the exact words you are defending.

Americans On Airlines, Americans On Ships, Americans Anywhere

I guess that I must just be old and grumpy, but it seems that there are Americans crying or screaming almost everywhere I go. This particularly applies to resturants, movies and malls. I avoid this problem to a large extent on cruise ships, since I generally take long cruises during the winter months.

Almost every time we have been in a resturant during the past few months, there has been Americans crying or screaming somewhere in the establishment.
That is funny because by substituting a national group into the post the post no longer makes sense. Which is my point it the OP took a cruise in the winter months he wouldn't avoid Americans, he won't even avoid all children he reduces the amount of children and that makes it less noisy on the cruise ship. Unless you are saying that a large group of children is quiet. If I say a large group of children will make more noise then a small group of children am I prejudice in your opinion? Because I would think that is just common sense based on personal experience.
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