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Originally Posted by ready2board
However, I do think it's a little presumptuous (got to be careful not to say prejudice I guess) that every parent who is having problems maintaining control is a horrible parent from hell. Kids are just going to have really bad kid days at times. All of us have made mistakes in life, lost our temper or whatever...Is it fair that someone who doesn't know us judges us completely from that one negative incident? No, it's not and we shouldn't just make a blanket judgement of every parent who is doing their best to keep a small child under control but still having problems doing so by just seeing them one time. :
If I see a parent trying to control their child and the child isn't listening that is different from a parent ignoring a child's behavior. You say "is it fair that somone who doesn't know us judges us completely from that one negative incident?" I'm going to tell you a secret, shhh don't tell anyone, life isn't fair. Perception is reality if your child is misbehaving and having a bad day and I see it. Guess what my perception is your child is a brat that doesn't listen.

However, if I see you later in the cruise and your child is well behaved my perception may change. I can be flexible and change my mind based on additional information.However, I can't look at a misbehaving kid and say hey he is really well behaved. Sorry if this isn't fair.
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